The Best Barkley’s In Professional Sports, Ranked

The Best Barkley's In Professional Sports, Ranked, Charles Barkley
Photo: Sporting News

#1 Charles Barkley

Yeah, this isn’t really close is it? Charles Barkley has had a Hall of Fame career, spanning three teams and including a league MVP award in 1993. He is an 11-time All Star selection and his number 34 is retired by both the Philadelphia 76ers and the Phoenix Suns.

So there you have it. Who woulda thunk it? Charles Barkley is hands down the number one Barkley to play professional sports. He beat out the likes of Matt Barkley and uhhh, yeah that’s it. Sorry, Matt you seem like a great guy, but Sir Charles is gonna take this one.

Good job Chuck! Here’s a video of him playing basketball against Barney from SNL in 1993.

Did I miss anyone? Who do YOU think is the best Barkley in Pro Sports? Let me know in the comments below or tell me on Twitter @TheNotFakeDC

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