Shocking New Entrant To Women’s Royal Rumble?

News surfaced late Saturday evening of the appearance of a popular A-list actress making the rounds backstage at NXT Takeover: Philadelphia. None other than Golden Globe winner and star of such hit films as We’re The Millers and Wanderlust, Jennifer Aniston has been spotted backstage with NXT Assistant Head Coach, Sara Del Ray.

Shocking New Entrant To Women's Royal Rumble? Jennifer Aniston
Aniston getting ready backstage at Philadelphia’s Wells Fargo Center.

Rumors have been rampant that the 48 year-old-actress would be making some sort of an appearance at Sunday night’s Royal Rumble PPV in The City of Brotherly Love. Despite her lack of experience within the squared circle, those in Hollywood have long known of Aniston’s WWE fandom. Former castmates have noted she even playfully calls her husband Justin Theroux, Justin Credible after the former ECW Heavyweight Champion and has carved out her own finishing maneuver, the AniSTONE Cold Stunner.

Shocking New Entrant To Women's Royal Rumble? Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux
Aniston was spotted in Philadelphia w/ hubby Justin Theroux on Saturday.

Reached for comment, Aniston’s reply was terse, stating, “There are no FRIENDS in a Royal Rumble.”

When pressed on whether her female costars Courtney Cox and Lisa Kudrow would also be making an appearance in Philly, she hurriedly replied, “No, that’s pretty stupid,” before being ushered away by security to a backstage location. As for her onscreen romantic counterpart Ross (David Schwimmer), well he’s still pretty awful.

Former WWE superstar and Leprechaun:Origins star Dylan Postl (Hornswoggle) speculated that the Leprechaun ties could be a factor, “Once you do a Leprechaun film, there’s this weird draw to the wrestling business. Vince has been hanging up on calls from Francis from Pee Wee’s Big Adventure (Mark Holton) since the mid 90’s. Call it a lust for gold I guess.”

Shocking New Entrant To Women's Royal Rumble? Hornswoggle
Will gold await Aniston on the other side of the Rumble Rainbow?

Can the woman best known for the Rachel Cut make the cut inside a WWE ring? Fans have already been abuzz with rumors of an appearance by former MMA champion Ronda Rousey, but an appearance by Brad Pitt’s ex would certainly turn the WWE Universe upside down. While it may not be Aniston’s day, week, month, or even her year, perhaps on Sunday it will finally be her night.

Clearly, this is parody. Hopefully you figured that out by now.

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