WWE Monday Night Raw Preview (7/17/17)

On the Lunatic Fringe (of a heel turn?)

Monday Night Raw Preview (7/17/17) Dean Ambrose
Photo: WWE

Dean Ambrose will be the opening act for Raw this Monday, live from Nashville, Tennessee. Is WWE smart enough to know that fans might tune is to see if the Lunatic Fringe reacts to his wife (Renee Young) losing two of her WWE Network gigs (Talking Smack and Unfiltered)? Probably. Will WWE allow him to make anything more than a slightly veiled reference to it? Probably not.

Regardless of whether Ambrose addresses Young’s situation, this should be an important segment in moving along his story with Seth Rollins. After last week’s run in with his former Shield mate, it will be fun to see how Ambrose reacts to Rollins sharing the ring against a common enemy (The Miz and the Miztourage). If Summer Slam wasn’t the next PPV on the docket for the Raw brand, I’d have assumed they dragged the story out for a bit with the former Shield mates teaming up against the Miztourage before eventually going their separate ways. However, with the 2nd biggest show of the year in a month, Rollins vs. Ambrose could be a money matchup. Will WWE finally let Ambrose go full heel again. I, for one hope so.

Joe Who?

Joe Mama! Sorry, well no. Samoa Joe actually. The Samoan Submission Specialist gets his somewhat unlikely chance to headline Summer Slam if he can beat the man most assumed was a shoe-in to have the spot, Roman Reigns. No matter the outcome, this should be an intense, physical fight, and should leave the WWE Universe wanting more. Could WWE brass really be impressed enough with Joe to usurp Roman’s spot and gave the fans another look at Joe/Lesnar? Or are they just teasing us on the road to the inevitable Reigns/Lesnar showdown? Or maybe there’s a screwy finish, leading to a triple threat at Summer Slam. My somewhat crazy prediction is Joe actually wins, and Reigns finds himself mixed up in the Ambrose/Rollins story, leading to the much awaited Shield triple threat at “The Biggest Party of The Summer” (back in May I called for a Shield tease of some sort, so I’m sticking with it).

Angle’s Angle

What is the Angle with Angle? The whole mysterious texts thing, with Corey Graves being somehow involved, has been confusing at best. At least we hopefully get some sort of closure on this tonight. Who will be revealed as Kurt Angle’s love interest (if that’s even what’s going on)? I’m assuming we’re building to a Summer Slam match for Angle (finally, a meaningful moment for Angle as GM), likely with Triple H, so somehow Stephanie is at play here (not sure how Dixie Carter would make sense in this story, unless they finally want to acknowledge TNA/GFW’s existence). I really don’t think they’d pull the rumored “Chad Gable is the Kurt Angle/Stephanie love child” story, but then again this is the company that…

  1. Had an 80 year old woman give birth to a hand
  2. Revealed Mr. McMahon as the higher power
  3. Revealed Hornswoggle as Mr. McMahon’s son
  4. Revealed Hornswoggle to be the anonymous Raw GM
  5. Employed Hornswoggle

Here I sit, BROKEN hearted…

Came to see wacky Hardy antics, but…well you know the rest. It seems were finally on the cusp of the Hardyz going full-on broken mode, with last week’s Raw being the most overt usage of the broken vernacular, with allusion to things being “obsolete” and “broken.” WWE.com even made some bad references to it, so you know this must be in the works. The Revival returned last week and promptly jumped the Boyz, kick-starting a new rivalry. We’ll see if this has finally pushed the Hardyz to the breaking point or perhaps we’ll continue to languish in the Nostalgic Hardy Universe (a universe devoid of any dilapidated boats or SeƱor Benjamin’s).

Tall Tale

Big Show and Cass are both tall…and this room ain’t tall enough for the two of them. After last week’s kinda pathetic “brawl” between the two 7-footers, one hopes the physicality can only improve. Does Enzo triangulate himself into this budding feud or have his recent bus antics put him in Vince’s (big)doghouse?

Everybody’s Invited

With a pinfall over champion Alexa Bliss on last week’s Raw, could Bayley finally be gaining back so momentum? Does it matter, if WWE is just going to throw all the main event women into one match at Summer Slam anyway?

Goldust & R Truth FOREVER!

Raw Preview 7/10/17 - Goldust, R Truth
Photo: WWE

They’re still fighting, right? They should just have a match every Raw until Wrestlemania. Best of 37 series. Bring back Foley and make it happen.

Monday Night Raw airs 8/7c on USA Network.

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