Preview and Predictions: WWE No Mercy (9/24/2017)

Photo: WWE

Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins vs. The Bar (Raw Tag Titles)

While I understand that WWE can’t reasonably advance very story further in a meaningful way each week, there’s stagnant and then there’s this Ambrollins/Shesaro feud. I’m pretty sure WWE rolled out every possible iteration of matches between these four over the last month or so, save the Judy Rollins on a pole match. Would it have killed them to at least develop the relationship between Rollins and Ambrose a little bit? Fortunately all four superstars can go in the ring, so this could have been worse. And hopefully after Sunday, all in involved can move out of this holding pattern.

Prediction: Ambrose and Rollins win and we finally start to see the next act in their story. Not sure what this means for Cesaro and Sheamus’ future plans though.

Photo: WWE

The Miz vs. Jason Jordan (Intercontinental Championship)

The story I think they’re telling with Jason Jordan (does WWE even know?) is that Jason Jordan is a likable, talented young chap who is getting a chance to shine because of his father’s status as GM of Raw. Eventually this nepotism will start to get out of hand (if it hasn’t already) and Mr. Jordan will gradually turn into a spoiled, whining heel. The Miz meanwhile has entered some hallowed territory as the third-longest reigning (combined) IC champ of all time, passing the likes of Razor Ramon, Tito Santana, and The Honky Tonk Man in the last month. Conceivably Miz could enter the no. 1 slot all-time if he can hold onto the belt into February.

Prediction: The Miz retains as Jordan will need to win any gold through nepotism/cheating and not from a match he entered fair and square (by winning Monday’s six-pack challenge).

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