Preview & Predictions: WWE TLC (10/22/2017)

Preview Predictions WWE TLC 10222017 Asuka Emma
Photo: WWE

Asuka vs. Emma

The WWE in their grand benevolence has deemed Emma worthy of doing something yet again, and have given her the honor of being the answer to a future Asuka-related trivia question. While the Aussie hasn’t had much in the way of storyline development, she has the opportunity to raise her stock with a solid performance against the Empress of Tomorrow (maybe she can get in a 20-woman tag on the Wrestlemania pre-show!). With a muddled and lackluster card tonight, these two will likely get some decent time to show what they are capable of. Hopefully they can replicate their magic from the winter of 2015-16.

Prediction: Well of course Asuka wins. What, did you think this was the start of a big Emma push or something?

Preview Predictions WWE TLC 10222017 Cedric Alexander Rich Swann Brian Kendrick Jack Gallagher
Photo: WWE

Cedric Alexander & Rich Swann vs. Gentleman Jack Gallagher & The Brian Kendrick

Hey, will you look at that. This match is a thing now apparently, and it’s not even on the TLC pre-show (somewhere Ryback is jealous). So we have four very talented workers who to a good segment of the audience are relative nobodies. Wherever they get placed on the card, they will automatically become the ‘death slot’. Their only hope is that there a few good matches before them and the crowd is exceptionally alive on Sunday. Maybe one of these guys does something to make a name for themselves and gets themselves in the running for Enzo’s newly acquired title.

Prediction: Going off my earlier prediction that Enzo wins back his belt, I suppose it makes more sense for a face to be built up to challenge the Trashtalker Sykwalker. Therefore, Alexander & Swann emerge victorious.

Preview Predictions WWE TLC 10222017 Sasha Banks Alicia Fox
Photo: WWE

Sasha Banks vs. Alicia Fox (Kickoff Match)

Crazy Alicia Fox is back (and now with her first ever, ridiculous T Shirt). Ok, why not, right? The more interesting characters, the better I suppose. The women’s division on both brands are in a bit of a holding pattern, as we await Asuka and possibly Ronda Rousey and her friends. This all seems like major time filler until the new year. Hey, by the way, where’s Bayley? Do the crowds like her again? Is she still friends with Sasha Banks? Does anyone care anymore?

Preview Predictions WWE TLC 10222017 Banks Fox Shirts
If Sasha wins she gets her own “literal interpretation of her last name in cartoon form” themed T Shirt from WWE Shop!

Prediction: Banks needs to stay legit (she is a boss after all) if she’s going to windup in any sort of Four Horsewomen feud or challenge Asuka down the road. Banks might not be crazy as a fox, but she makes a statement nonetheless and deposits another win into her career savings account. Also, if John Cena can have the AA, Sasha should get the F.D.I.C.

This seems like one of those PPV’s where the expectations are so low that it turns out to be a lot of fun. However, in completely overthinking things, I’m predicting that people are expecting it be better than expected, and therefore this will actually be a disappointing PPV. Who knows? Hopefully we get to see Angle wrestle again and Braun should destroy people using some combination of tables, ladders, and/or chairs. Also, we get Finn/AJ and the debut of Asuka. So it should be fun.

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